Sophie hhti


Sophie, the experience for superiority since 1996


The Sophie brand history

In 20 years, the Sophie family became THE reference on the defense market, with more than 16 000 units sold over 55 countries.


Additionally, we have taken the commitment to build the future by listening and exchanging with customers.

That is why in 2004 we launched a Sophie Users’ Club to build a closer relationship with customers and generate feedback in order to continuously improve our products.


Today, the defense market is being completely redefined.

In order to capture these changes, and respond the best way to the needs of our customers we have decided to develop the 4th Generation of Sophie.



Thales, a Soldier Optronics Expert since 1996

Thales became a pioneer in the optronics field with the invention in 1996 of the first Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI), known as Sophie.


Reliable and combat proven devices with more than 16, 000 Sophie cameras in operation over 55 countries.


User’s centric, to provide solutions that meet multiple evolving needs.


Superiority in modern warfare with devices at the heart of today’s collaborative combat stakes.


Trusted partner to raise challenges for tomorrow’s battlefield benefiting from a strong community created around the Sophie brand.

New Sophie Family Generation


A collaborative 4-in-1 equipment in only 2,5kg for tactical night & day superiority : detect sooner, identify further, engage faster.

Sophie Family Generation 3


Sophie Family Generation 2