NightRise Land

NightRise Land

Mastering Night Vision for Land Forces Operations

A complete range of I² goggles to give the Land Forces the right advantage to perform their mission.


“From Tactical to Augmented Land Operations, make the difference during the night”.




Tactical Night Vision

A line specially designed for infiltration and endurance on the battlefield

Easy Infiltration

Designed for night vision essentials

Tactical +


Designed for unsurpassed tactical advantage

Augmented Night Vision

A line specially designed for high intensity combat

Tough Combat


Designed for the toughest missions


Augmented +

Designed for collaborative battlefields


NightRise and image intensifier tubes

Over the past twenty years, Thales has developed and produced a range of night vision goggles (NVGs) incorporating different types of image intensifier tubes.


Its ultra-compact night vision goggles, such as the O-NYX goggles currently in production for the French armed forces, and other binocular NVGs with in-line optics, use non-inverting tubes with a glass output lens.