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Leverage the power of optronic assets

Our number one priority is to help you keeping your optronic systems in at the best performances throughout their in-service life.

Our Customer Support Centre remains at the highest availability to respond at any services request.

Operational land forces are using various optronics equipment such as Night Vision Goggles, Hand-Held Thermal Imagers or solutions integrated into platforms.

Availability of military optronics is a key to operational readiness and mission success.

Despite the increase of the use of optronics equipment, soldiers will still expect short and optimal guaranteed turnaround times and the highest performance of such equipment (military operations; border surveillance…).

Aware of these challenges, Thales takes a relevant, flexible and long-term view of support for its optronics offering. Thales offers a complete range of solutions and a worldwide presence to maximise your long-term fleet availability and budget control.

Whether you favour maximum autonomy, full managed services with or without third-party maintenance, or any solution in between, we help you choose the most appropriate model for your organisation.

With Thales as your service partner, you will find the best combination of support options to make sure your equipment is ready for action when you need it most, over the long term : from on-demand services to services packages, as well as operation services and transfer of maintenance.



Discover our Services and Support Solutions

On demand Services

 Any request, at any time.


Services Package

A yealry fixed price to optimise fleet avalaibility


Digital Services

Innovative services solution to support our customers worlwide.


Customer Online


 A secured and interactive web platform dedicated to customer support.