Digital services : Reliable access to the lastest technologies & technical expertise

As a technology leader, innovation is a part of Thales’s DNA.


With a strong technical expertise, Thales build new innovative solution that enable us to always provide you the best support services solutions, through ew digital services designed with the lastest technologies to ensure a high equipment availability to our customer.



Remote technical assistance has shown its proof by providing a real time and secured connection directly to a Thales Maintenance expert who can remotely helping you to operate on your equipment.



3D printing service is also an interesting service solution that enable to reduce the production and delivery times on operational bases, compared to traditional parts procurement.



Beyond preventive maintenance, Thales is pioneering a new generation of predictive support tools that take maintenance optimisation to a new level.



SmartFleet is based on a combination of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, Big Data technologies and patented algorithms to predict failures based on usage patterns.


This optimises equipment selection to minimise the risk of failures during a mission as well as increasing availability. The intuitive graphical user interface displays overall fleet status, including equipment locations and usage statistics.


With the SmartFleet online fleet management solution from Thales, you can: plan and record your maintenance operations, prepare your missions with maximum efficiency and availability, monitor health and usage statistics, and automatically generate reports and KPIs for every optronic product in your fleet.





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