Sharc SWPD

SHArc Soldier Worn Power & Data


SHArc is Thales' innovative SWPD solution: Soldier Harness Architecture. In priority order, the name itself highlights the three major considerations that were designed into SHArc:


    • Soldier: Understand their collective and individual tasks and needs;

    • Harness: Recognise this is part of their load and integrate it seamlessly;

    • Architecture: Provide an open system conforming with relevant power & data standards and be capable of meeting future demands.

SHARc allows soldiers :


    • to transfer data from sensors directly to commanders thanks to its data processing hub ;

    • to connect to their equipment in order to power or harvest data from them ;

    • to attach mission critical equipment to their system and use the data generated to better inform their commanders thanks to its connector agnostic and configurable.


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