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From mobility to surveillance, target acquisition and designation, Thales masters image intensification, infrared and technologies to provide soldiers field-proven equipment.


Our optronics offer for soldiers includes Sophie Hand-Held Thermal Imagers, Night Vision Goggles, Weapon Sights, Target Acquisition Systems, Laser Target Designators, UAV.

Furthermore, Thales offers a comprehensive range of service solutions, including a large panel of on-demand services, Service Level Agreements or managed services, in order to keep your optronics systems fully operational.



Hand-Held Thermal Imagers

Sophie Hand-Held Thermal Imagers provide day/night observation and accurate target location, from tactical range to long range.


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The New Sophie Family Generation 4

New Sophie Family Generation 4

               Sophie Family Generation 3                                     Sophie Family Generation 2

                                                                Sophie Family Generation 3                                  Sophie Family Generation 2



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Night Vision Goggles

Thales NVGs offer the perfect combination of performance, comfort, weight and simplicity. It fits soldier’s needs for every night time airborne and ground operation.



 For airland operations, make the difference during the night!



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                     Air NVG                                                  Land NVG


                       Air NVG                                                 Land NVG

Unmanned aerial vehicle

Thales is Europe’s leading industry player in tactical unmanned air systems with a combination of high-definition sensors operating at visible and infrared frequencies.



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Weapon sights

TWS provide soldiers with precision calibres and heavy machine guns, offering performance and comfort for night precision firing as simple and accurate as by day.



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Thales offers services for its entire product portfolio.

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