Nellie : the next-gen Night Vision Goggles

« While mastering the complete soldier sensors suite* including tactical communications, Thales aims at stretching the limits of the optronics for soldiers paradigm: from an addition of commodities to an ecosystem of disruptive collaborative sensors.

As a key asset of the soldier suite and the first binocular device among the new Thales Night Vision Goggles (NVG) family, NELLIE goes beyond the standards of ergonomics and performances.

Co-designed with Users to be the most compact, ergonomic and lightweight (<460g) goggle available on the market, with no compromise on performances and robustness, NELLIE optical design benefits from THALES expertise as World leader in zoom lenses. The combination with 18 mm tubes brings: a better resolution keeping the range and DRI (detection, recognition and identification) performance.

Embedded optics offer state-of–the-art optical precision with its 47° field of view allowing a resolution identical to 40° NVG on axis and on the edge. The high resolution and DRI optimum capacity brings a tactical advantage to Ground Forces, allowing them to operate in the most challenging and darkest environments.

NELLIE ergonomics and accessories have been specifically optimized through intensive Users experience to increase tactical advantage in all environments: open/ semi-openor urban warfare

Thales new binocular goggle NELLIE is already considered as a disruptive sensor and referenced within several NATO countries. It is therefore ready for tomorrow’s technological evolutions.

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*mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Night Vision Goggle, HandHeld Thermal Imager, Thermal Weapon Sight, Head Mounted Display, tactical communications…