Unsurpassed tactical advantage in the darkest environments
Combining enlarged field of view and high resolution with optimum ergonomics, Nellie sets the new standard in ultra-lightweight I² binoculars. Nellie provides an unrivalled operational advantage during long night missions of Land Forces.

Land vehicles driving
Ground forces operations

Greater Situational Awarenes
• Enlarged Field of View (FoV) of 47°
• Resolution identical to 40° NVG on axis and on the edge (2/3 of FoV)
• Thales know-how in surface treatment and opto-mechanical design for visual acuity

Improved Mobility
• Stereoscopic vision
• Ultra-light weight (<460g)

Tactical Superiority
• Stability and comfort with rugged mechanical design
• Night adaptation with lateral flip up
• Stealth and protection with automatic cut-off
• Robustness and reliability

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