Thales XTRAIM all-in-one weapon sight vs clip-on-based solutions

For many years, the commonest solution for incorporating thermal imaging capabilities (such as decamouflage) into weapon sights was to add a clip-on solution in front of a reflex (red dot) sight or a night vision goggle (NVG). Although operationally viable, such solutions have inherent limitations which prevent users from making the best use of thermal detection capabilities in hight intensity combat situations :

  • Minimize the mass and volume carried by the soldier
  • Maximize the soldier’s perception of his environment
  • Maximize the situational awareness and precision firing capability

To meet these needs, Thales has introduced XTRAIM™, a compact, innovative product which combines a reflex red-dot sight with thermal imaging technology to provide reliable day/night decamouflage and precision firing capabilities for dismounted soldiers in a single piece of equipment. Unlike standard clip-on configurations, the XTRAIM™ weapon sight can be used for both day- and night-time missions without adding another device to the weapon. It is also compatible with NVGs for decamouflage by night.