Custom-designed for dismounted soldiers and specialised units, Augmented+ night vision goggles represent the future of night vision and offer outstanding features that enhance the safety and efficiency of your armed forces.

Connectivity to the soldier system: Our Minie-D and Minie-D/IR binoculars are designed to integrate seamlessly with modern soldier systems so that crucial information can be shared with other equipment and other units in real time. This split-second synchronisation gives users a better understanding of the operational situation to improve force coordination, speed the decision-making process and keep soldiers out of harm’s way.

The magic of decamouflage: The Minie-D/IR night vision binoculars fuse intensified (I²) and infrared (IR) images to provide an advanced decamouflage function, allowing users to detect concealed objects even on the darkest nights. With this advanced technology, troops can operate more strategically, minimising risks while maximising stealth and efficiency in the field.

Folded Design: Thales’s patented “Folded Design” was a major breakthrough in the world of night vision when it was introduced in 1996. First featured in the Lucie goggles, it was later adopted for the Augmented+ range (Minie) and has proven a major success with the French forces in particular.

This compact and lightweight design allows for improved mobility and comfort on long missions without compromising image quality. The binoculars are easy to store in the soldier’s gear and ready to be deployed in an instant. Already proven in combat by the German forces, MINIE-D/IR offers the best combination of technical capabilities (fusion, 51° field of view) and SWaP performance (490g) on the market today.

It is also available without the connectivity module.

Fast fact: The French Army has equipped its soldiers with 10,000 Minie and 15,000 Minie-D.