Thales service level agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) help customers take a long-term view of their maintenance budgets. For a fixed yearly price, you get an inclusive package of services and solutions with guaranteed, measurable results. Based on our experience with users of optronics equipment in more than 50 countries, we work with you to choose the care plan that best suits your organisation, your usage patterns and your budget. One-year or multi-year SLAs can be chosen either directly after product acceptance, or at the end of the initial warranty period.


Customer support

A dedicated 24/7 hotline for email and telephone enquiries and requests offers guaranteed call-back times and detailed ticket tracking. All our SLAs include access to the Customer OnLine collaborative web platform. Remote technical support staff can also provide technical input by phone or email.
Fault diagnostics can be conducted across secure connections between our technical teams and your systems if needed.
Dedicated customer care managers are available to coordinate your support operations. Your customer care manager will have an in-depth understanding of your systems and fleet configurations, and will work with you to review KPIs on a regular basis and help you plan for your future support needs.


Maintenance services

All our SLAs include guaranteed turnaround times for repairs as well as systematic obsolescence tracking and information. We can also schedule annual deliveries of consumables (eye cups, batteries and other accessories) and plan yearly on-site inspections and preventive maintenance visits.
Advanced mobile test benches and tools have been specifically designed to allow our technical staff to perform most intermediate and depot-level preventive maintenance or repair operations on site. In addition, while your equipment is being repaired, we can send you replacement products within a few days of receiving your incident report to guarantee the highest possible levels of fleet availability and operational readiness. Our commitment is to always reduce the spare parts requirements in your initial investment.


Advanced services

Thales's expert trainers are available to make sure users always get the most out of their equipment, and to keep maintenance teams up to date on a regular basis. Once a year, theory courses as well as practical workshops can be organised at your premises or at a Thales training centre as part of your SLA.
Your agreement can also cover yearly software upgrades to incorporate new functionalities, ensure continued compliance with regulations and install corrective patches between software releases.
With the SmartFleet online fleet management solution from Thales, you can plan and record your maintenance operations, prepare your missions with maximum efficiency and availability, monitor health and usage statistics, and automatically generate reports and KPIs for every optronic product in your fleet.
With contractual commitments from a trusted service partner, Thales Service Level Agreements improve long-term visibility and maximise fleet availability for a fixed yearly price.

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