Sophie Ultima, first of a new family

Sophie a key asset of the soldier offer : the eyes of contact units

The Sophie Family is the eyes of the contact units and is part of the global dismounted soldier offer just as tactical UAVs, night vision goggles, thermal weapon sights and the TAS/C for the artillery. But, Sophie is also part of other types of offers. It can be integrated in man portable systems, but also in vehicle offers.

the Sophie brand history

In 20 years, the Sophie family became THE reference on the defense market, with more than 16 000 units sold over 55 countries. Additionally, we have taken the commitment to build the future by listening and exchanging with customers. That is why in 2004 we launched a Sophie Users’ Club to build a closer relationship with customers and generate feedback in order to continuously improve our products. Today, the defense market is being completely redefined. In order to capture these changes, and respond the best way to the needs of our customers we have decided to develop the 4th Generation of Sophie.

Sophie family portfolio evolution

Today, we introduce a new Sophie family. The first member of this family is the Sophie Ultima, which has been launched at Eurosatory. The second, the Sophie Optima is also under development but will be available for demonstration first quarter 2020. Finally, we plan on completing the family with the Sophie Compact second quarter 2020.

Sophie Optima

Sophie Optima will revolutionize the long range segment for the needs of Platoon Leader at the line of contact


Sophie Ultima video introduction

Find out here in few snapchats all functionnalities Sophie Ultima is offering

Sophie Ultima: a new worldwide standard by Thales