The Flying eye for front-line units


Because your mission is to neutralize an enemy, to prevent your border from becoming frontline, Spy'Ranger is the newest generation of mini-UAS that ensures the highest level of contact intelligence services; HD day and night capabilities, artillery shot adjustment, airworthiness certification.


Deployable on very short notice, back packaged Spy'Ranger is the essential 'flying eye' of the battle group and the SOF team to get contact intelligence, to support the troops in contact, to support forward observers over 2,5 hours flight endurance. Its robustness allows its lay-out on all-terrain and climatic conditions, high altitude drop zone, by day and night.


Thanks to its smart design and its resilient lightweight structure refined, Spy'Ranger is the best cost-friendly solution to minimize maintenance costs.


Initial margin to adapt Spy'Ranger to the current and future stakes of the tactical maneuver


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Spy ranger 330

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    Spy ranger 550

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